Wiring OEM in-chassis SMPSs for 3D printers…

Lots of people in the hobbyist community building RepRap-type 3D printers and other kinds of hobbyist-scale CNC tools often seem to use these switchmode mains-input power bricks designed for OEM integration into another chassis, commonly made by names such as MeanWell, Shenzhen Keyington (kytet) etc. Since some people sometimes have questions about how to correctly […]

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The Kill-a-Watt: Not all versions are created equal :)

There are several different versions of the “Kill-a-Watt” power-measurement appliance on the market. They all have essentially exactly the same electronic design, but they’re a little bit different in terms of the PCB layout, packaging and component package choices. This device is one of the most often hacked and modified devices of its kind on […]

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