Getting the facts about vaccination.

It has been often claimed by anti-science pro-disease morons such as the “Australian Vaccination Network” and the likes of Jenny McCarthy that “parents aren’t getting the facts” or that “the information isn’t being made available” to parents regarding paediatric vaccinations.

In response to them, I give you this detailed guide prepared by the Australian government in response to common concerns promulgated by the anti-vaccination lobby.

Whilst this guide is prepared for an intended audience of GPs and healthcare practitioners, there’s no reason at all why it can’t be made available to all parents and the general public today. It is packed with plenty of information to give anyone a good basic understandings of the realities of vaccines, and anti-vaccine myths. Sure, it does contain some technical medical language in places, but it’s mostly quite accessible – and if there’s anything in there you don’t understand specifically, just ask your GP or medical professional about it.

(Hat tip to Dr. Rachie for originally posting this :) )


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