Extraordinary Clocks and Watches.

This is really neat.

I love weird and unusual (mechanical or electronic) clocks and watches. Here are some more:

Nerdy clocks.

What the hell?

Cathode Ray Tube clock. It’s gorgeous.

An old badass-looking electromechanical binary register display from a Minuteman I missile guidance computer turned into a binary clock. Duck and cover!

The nixie tube watch. Apparently you get in trouble if you wear it at the airport.

I love this seven-segment bookshelf clock.

LED clock with individual digits. This is really cool, but it’s a shame each digit is tethered to a cable. With inexpensive 433 MHz digital transmitter/reciever modules and microcontrollers, you could make it completely wireless pretty easily.http://suck.uk.com/product.php?rangeID=79&showBar=1#

Finally, this post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t put in a plug for the extraordinary Clock of the Long Now.


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