Well, it’s nearly that time of the year again.

Well, it’s nearly that time of the year again.
And just look who’s getting all eco-friendly all of a sudden.

…to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming.

Oh, for crying out loud.

Leaving your lights on is a vote for hey, we’ve got this really groovy thing called technology, and amongst other things, it lets us continue to work after the sun has set, and some of us, at least, happen to be quite fond of it..

Lighting up the darkness with electric lighting, allowing us to get things done at night, was probably one of the most profoundly significant technological innovations of the modern world. It’s really quite nifty.

We need staff to help by making sure you turn off all lights and appliances before you leave your office on Friday 27 March 2009.

If there is nobody else in the building, and you’re leaving the building, and there is no need for lights and appliances to be on, then of course you can turn them off every day. Why do we need to do this, but only on one single special day, and not every day?

In teaching and study spaces, if you are the last to leave on Friday 27 March 2009, please turn off all lights and appliances for which manual controls are accessible.

Again, why not do it every single day?
Lights and appliances for which manual controls are accessible? Heh, they’ve probably gone and replaced all the light switches with some sort of fancy computer controlled thing, that means that people can’t turn them off when they decide to.

Prize for best building: Property & Campus Services will give away an energy efficient light globe for each staff member building occupant, up to a limit of 500 globes, for the building that best gets behind the initiative, as judged by the Vice-Principal, Property & Campus Services.

When the inverter electronics die in those cheap nasty CFLs, remember to make sure they all go to EHS so that the mercury-vapor-filled lamps can all be disposed of appropriately…

Property & Campus Services will provide the following assistance to the University’s efforts:

1. The Building Automation Systems will be programmed to have those buildings with central lighting systems turn off lights before 8.30pm (Parkville).

What if there are still people that need to be working at that time? Is there any kind of manual override for the lighting automation? First it’s the lights, next it’s the pod bay door.

Building Supervisors and Security Guards will turn off any unnecessary lights leading up to Saturday (Parkville).
Asset Services staff will be in attendance on the evening to arrange any area that can be turned off (Parkville).

# Asset Services staff at the VCA, Werribee and Burnley campuses will assess external lighting (spotlights on buildings) to see if they can be turned off for the entire weekend.

Well, again, why can’t they do it every day? I didn’t think it was exactly rocket science.

Grounds Lighting will remain on for safety purposes (all campuses).

Well, I’m glad they’re not entirely morons. At least nobody has mentioned using candles.

# EHS Unit staff will use contact networks to increase staff awareness of the need to switch lights off (all campuses).

While they’re at it, let’s switch off all the bloody computer workstations in the labs off too, hey? They probably consume more power than the lighting.

# Dookie and Creswick campuses have been asked to consider how they might contribute.

Oh, they’ve got electricity at Dookie and Creswick now? (zing!)


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