Magic automotive power bar – a bargain at 35 quid!

MPS (Magic Power System) Power Shift Bar, New Plasic Packing

This compact Power Shift Bar is an Intelligent Electric Tune-up Device, which will dramatically improve the power & reduce fuel consumption of your car. Just plug it into the lighter socket of your car and drive. It is used for any vehicles operated on 12V batteries.

– enhance fuel efficiency – saves gasoline (10-30%)
– increase engine torque – increase power (2-5ps)

– reduce car emissions – contribute to the environment unconsciously
– improve car audio sounds
– the small device cleans the entire car electrically including its body
– battery level check function: LED blue light for normal, LED red light for caution
– maintenance free, use up to 2-3 years (about 2,000 hours)
– silent, no more noise
– easy to use, simply plug into cigarette lighter socket
– power input: DC12V
– Size: about 3.5 inches (9cm) long

People actually pay good money to purchase this. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

That’s right – this 35-quid gadget not only gives you more power from less fuel – it’s supposed to clean your car, as well.
I wonder what’s inside the device? An empty, air-filled casing? Lead shot? Gravel? Ponies?

Thanks to the awesome, inimitable Dan for the heads-up.

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