“TV ads cause carbon carnage”


More carbon stupidity.

AUSTRALIAN television advertising is producing as much as 57 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hour, and thirty second ad breaks are among the worst offenders

What the hell are they talking about? A 30 second ad break doesn’t produce greenhouse gases (Do you really see black balloons pop out of the TV?) And of course the TV’s electrical power consumption is exactly the same, no matter what it’s tuned in to!

I suppose this is the death knell for An Inconvenient Truth and Captain Planet , because we’ve got to stop those dreaded “carbon” emissions?

Carbon emissions are particularly strong during high-rating programs such as the final episodes of the Ten Network’s Biggest Loser, which produced 2135 kgs per 30 second ad, So You Think You Can Dance at 2061 kg for every 30 seconds, closely followed by the Seven News 6pm news at 1689kg and Border Security at 1802 kg

What the hell are they on about? TV shows are bad, and the ones that have higher ratings are worse, in terms of the dreaded “carbon emissions”?

If Biggest Loser produces 2135 kg of carbon dioxide per 30 seconds, and the average greenhouse gas emissions intensity of electricity in Australia is 1000 g/kWh, then the average electrical power usage for everyone watching the program must be 2135 kg / (1000 g/kWh * 30 seconds), or 256 million watts.

How much power does a single TV really consume? For argument’s sake, let’s say 50 W – not everybody has got a six-foot plasma or LCD. So, if each TV is running at 50 W, that’s about 5 million people, or about 1/4 of Australia’s population.

Do you seriously expect me to believe that 1/4 of Australia’s population is actually watching Biggest Loser ? I don’t think so. If multiple people were watching the same TV, it would be an even larger fraction.

“Reality television is interesting as the more viewers and voters that tune in, the higher the carbon footprint. The more people vote, the more it adds to the CO2 in the atmosphere.

WTF? What has the number of people who vote got to do with it?

“When Big Brother launched in Australia in 2001, advertising in the program contributed over 1200 kg of CO2 into the environment. By series eight this year, the decreasing number of viewers decreased its carbon footprint by 50%.

“However, the Biggest Loser is the biggest loser on the environment with a massive 57 tonnes of CO2 per hour produced by the advertising that ran during the final,” he said.

What a load of rubbish. Maybe they should stop breathing, because of the dreaded “carbon” emissions? Wouldn’t their energy be far, far better spent advocating the replacement of coal-fired power stations with clean alternatives?

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