Green-morons get excited about agricultural biotechnology.

Depleted Cranium reports on the usual fundamentalist anti-science morons getting all hot and bothered about agricultural genetic engineering.

“Genetically Modified crops are something which I generally support. As long as they’re properly tested and regulated they can be extremely beneficial. Really the only issue that I have with them at the moment is the fact that good intellectual property regulations for genetically modified crops have yet to be established. But aside from the legislative issues that still need to be ironed out, the ability to create plants with desirable traits is one of the most important abilities that humanity has. Genetic engineering is simply a tool for doing this which extends our ability beyond the previously established methods of selective breeding and cross-pollination, a method of genetic modification which is as old as civilization itself.”

“After all, it’s not “natural” according to someone’s definition and therefore it must be bad and destructive, right? No matter how many lives saved, no matter how much a standard of living can be improved, how many acres of forest can be saved or how much runoff can be prevented, it never matters. Once these assclowns have decided a certain technology or method is unnatural and evil that is that.

I don’t have much to add to that – but if I ever see these dweebs in my city, brandishing their Tyvek jumpsuits and containment containers plastered with biohazard symbols on a city street, for example – clearly there’s only one responsible course of action, and that’s for me to contact the authorities and report my concerns over what appears like it could be a possible bioterrorism incident.

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