Another fine, upstanding, tolerant religious person in society

Check out this rather charming email.

I will keep the identity of the recipient of this email anonymous, as well as the sender, for now.

Yet another shining ambassador for Islam – you can see why some small number of them give the religion a bad reputation. Such a high standard of literacy, too.

Text is a little bit offensive and explicit, I apologise for that, but it’s pretty amusing once you consider the sheer failure of evolutionary biology that must occur for somebody to post an email with such a standard of coherence and grammar in it.

I’ve reproduced it verbatim, rather than sic, sic, sic after every word. :)

“Hey motherfucker, fuck you. Got your balls fucked again.

Hey fucker whats all this racist shit against world youth day, and catholic people.

Everyone has a right to be respected. You dont believe in something dont force it on other people.

Besides gay people suck, your no different from pedos, beasties or necrosphyliacs.

I am so happy people like you go to hell.

I see that christians have been too lenient on you fuckers. Its cause of christians that you live the lifestyle that you do.

Hey I know what you look like, just wait you may end in a HOSTEL. I would love fucking you up. Its just a matter of time. So watch out.

But just wait ISLAM will show you path, they wont just stand by like christians. They will fuck you up and smash your face.
Christians pray for gays, moslems kill them.
You should be protesting in afganistan, saudia arabia you chicken shit.

I will find you!!”

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